“Simply said, Maureen rocks! A gifted and talented marketer, Maureen’s passion and dedication to her work is both palpable and contagious. She is someone that demands excellence from her team and business partners, but more importantly from herself. I recommend her highly and would welcome the chance to work with her again.”
Kevin Brown, Vice President, Group Account Director, GMR Marketing
was a consultant or contractor to Maureen at ING

“Maureen Kelly is a superb marketer, and has a particular passion and expertise in sponsorship marketing. She helped us to build a significant sponsorship platfrom for our US businesses, and was instrumental in the success of and growth of our programs. These efforts led to significantly increased brand metrics, and strongly connected our brand with clients and prospects. It would be impossible to imagine our brand building would have been as significant without these programs and without Maureen’s efforts and leadership.”
Toby Hoden, CMO, Corporate Marketing, ING
managed Maureen indirectly at ING

“When I met Maureen, ING had just entered the world of sponsorships and had just signed our first deal. I spent the next several months figuring out how to get her hired. Maureen deftly managed the operations of ING’s sponsorship platform as it grew from a single property to a multi-faceted platform. She helped bring plenty of awards and kudos to ING as a sponsor. Exceptionally determined and effective. And an absolute pleasure to have had on my team.”
Steve Baskin, VP, Head of Sponsorships, ING US Financial Services
managed Maureen at ING

“Maureen and I worked tirelessly together for six years, developing and building one of the most heralded sports marketing campaigns in the US; making ING synonymous with running. As a runner herself, Maureen was a tremdous resource for us in negotiating very cost efficient sponsorship deals, with Race organizations, with measureable results. In addition to the running platform we worked closely on the highly acclaimed music platform; The ING Juntos En Conciertos Tour. She was a delight to work with and extremely dedicated to her job.”
Rick Arnstein, Managing Director, Business Development Group, GMR Marketing LLC
was a consultant or contractor to Maureen at ING

“A huge appetite for work, a passion for sponsorship activation, coupled with marketing savvy make Maureen Kelly a tremendous talent. I had the pleasure of working with Maureen for the past four years and was constantly amazed at the volume and quality of her work. I would recommend Maureen without hesitation to any organization where innovation, passion, and energy are appreciated.”
Trish Sarno, Director, Brand Foundation, ING
worked directly with Maureen at ING

“Maureen was directly responsible for bringing me on board with ING’s sponsorship team. As a former agency person like me, Maureen provided much needed guidance in not only bringing me up to speed on ING’s sponsorships, but to the bureaucracy of the corporate side of our business. This was instrumental to me transitioning quickly into my new position. As my manager, I greatly appreciated the fact that she gave me the leeway with which to do my job without too much oversight, while still providing constructive feedback and guidance along the way to help me grow professionally and finish my tasks. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for Maureen, who always took the time to prop up the others around her, even at the expense of her own accolades. She always took such a great interest in my career development at ING, and I very much valued the guidance I received while working under her tutelage.”
J.W. Cannon, Sponsorship Manager, ING
reported to Maureen at ING

“Maureen worked with me on several events. She did a wonderful job managing the event. She is detail oriented and highly effective in all aspects of her role. Additionally, she is an absolute pleasure to work with and her customer service skills are exemplary.”
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
Jim Feenstra
hired Maureen as a account manager, event manager in 2000, and hired Maureen more than once

“Maureen is one of those people who make hard work look easy. She is relentlessly focused on achieving goals, and like no one else I know, manages all the details — EVERY possible eventuality — without ever losing sight of the objective. She brings innovative new ideas to a project, but not JUST ideas… she knows how to make those ideas work… REALLY work. When you’re working with Maureen, you know things are going to get done, and get done right.”
Christina Divigard, Director, External Communications, ING US Financial Services
worked with Maureen at ING

“In the few opportunities I had in working with Maureen, I was impressed with her keen interest in sharing ideas. I felt that every meeting, phone call, and email was more of a brainstorming session than a “formal meeting”. As we attended ING Business School together, I saw her leadership skills as an example to follow and learn from. Her smile and positive attitude will make anyone feel at ease in her presence. I wish her my very best and recommend her to anyone looking for a skilled leader in Brand, Sponsorships, and Marketing!”
Darin Viergutz, Manager Document Advisors Group, ING
worked with Maureen at ING

“Maureen was my colleague on the development team at the American Cancer Society. She brought great insight, experience and knowledge to the organization. Her role was a new one and Maureen always sought to add value to the team overall as well as to grow the revenue streams under her purview. She was an excellent colleague!”
Laurie Stephens, Deputy Executive Director at American Heart Association | American Stroke Association